Monday, August 23, 2010

Thank you, Phelia!!

So, sorry that it took me so long to post. This last week was an incredible whirlwind of activity and it's still going!!

Such an awesome kit!! My favorite? The owl :) I will be taking him to work tomorrow where he will join the owl that I already have. I think this is the beautiful start to a collection - you think?

So, let see. There's Mr. Owl, of course, a flashlight, camp activity book, aluminum bottle, midnight owl note card set, two magnetic book marks, pencils, measuring tape, stitch markers, crochet hook, house unity book mark, a grow me pot, a green notepad, and a ball of KnitPicks City Tweed.

Thank you, Phelia!!!!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Week 2: Getting to Know Me

Now, I know that last week was the getting to know me week, but sometimes the questions that we have to answer leave some other questions unanswered. So, shall we continue?

I was raised by two of the greatest wizards that have ever lived - Ramona and Westerly LeStrange. As I grew up, however, I became very curious about the lives of Muggles. So, as I have gotten into my last few years at Hogwarts I've decided to branch out a little and see what's out there. So, while I have been attempting to get steller marks on my studies I have also taken on a few Muggle roles. I am president of the PTA (true) - People Treating Animals. It's an organization that is for the well being of animals everywhere (make believe) We have special facilities to teach people how to be the best veterinarians that they can be.

I also work in a healthcare facility - the corporate offices, actually (true). When I decided to find out a little more about Muggles I discovered the profession that they call Human Resources. I thought that this would be the best way to get to know more about the Human (Muggle) way of life. Much of those two activities take up much of my time.

So, that's enough for now. Next time I'll talk a little bit more about my hobbies and what I do in my down time.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Finally arrived!!

I left in such a hurry last week in order to get to camp on time that I didn't pack appropriately. My assistant, Chauncy, packed my things and just as the weather has gotten hotter I've gotten my cooler outfits. THANK YOU, CHAUNCY!!!

Meez 3D avatar avatars games


Girls! Over here!!!

Crunch, crunch!!

Shhhhhhh!!! Who is that??


Poppy, is that you?

*Sorry, I can't help myself!*

Okay, girls! Let's do this - and quietly . . . .

Did you hear that??? Let's get out of here!!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Camp Journal: Week 1, Wednesday

The day was so beautiful this morning that the Hogsmead Hut girls decided to do a little hiking after a hearty breakfast.

Our handsome hiking guide led us through some beautiful landscape. And you know what we heard while we were out? An Occamy. We never saw the bird, though, and that is probably a good thing.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Our First Assignment

So, excited!!! I landed at camp in a flurry! Life is so busy - it's nice to be able to get away to camp and relax a little. First thing I did on the first night at camp??? Brew me a pot of peppermint tea. Yummmm!! Yes, I always bring with me that very old fashioned kettle that you can put over a campfire flame. Those are the best. Of course, I made enough to share with my cabin mates.

This week I don't think we have too many activities. We're just taking the time to get to know our spoilees a little better and we are putting forth some information so that our spoiler can get to know us better. My spoilee is in the Forbidden Forest Treehouse. What fun that must be! Let me tell you!!! I know what me and my cabin mates will be doing on Friday night. Can you guess?? It has something to do with white paper rolls LOL
  • Knit or crochet or both? Knit
  • Brands you would like to try but don't have easy access to: Not picky. Anything soft will do
  • Favorite fibers/least favorite fibers: Wool is my favorite, anything plasticky is my least favorite
  • Favorite colors/least favorite colors: Lurvs blues and green. Can stand neon yellows and oranges
  • Yarn weight preferences: Chunky is best
  • Favorite projects: Bags, bags, and more bags, but also love scarves, fingerless mitts, and hats
  • Favorite gadgets: My new android phone? Does that count? :)
  • Favorite designers: Hmmmm . . . I'm going to have to think about that for a minute.
  • Salty or Sweet or...? Love both, but sweet is the preference
  • Tea or Coffee or...? Definitely both.
  • Allergies: None, unless you count summer!!
  • Other things you like, i.e., buttons, pens, fabric, stitchmarkers, etc. Honestly, anything handmade is first in my book.
  • Currently Craving: Starbucks - 1/2 caff, soy, peppermint white mocha!!!!
  • Where you might have wish lists (Loopy Ewe, Amazon, Etsy) Amazon (jeneanw), I'll have to work on an Etsy wish list very soon.
  • Measurements (feet for socks, wrists, head circumference) This information is forthcoming

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My Kit!

Sorry to have taken so long in posting this! I got an absolutely amazing kit from Amber Phoenixfyre.

A kitty cloth, yarn, needles for the handles of the Knitting Needle Bag pattern (also included), cloth to line the bag, a tea pot (sadly, with a broken handle), and a tea cozy, glass calligraphy pen, burgandy ink, stitch markers, homemade chocolate frogs, bug bite chocolate, and a slytherin sock.

Love, love, love!! The kiddos jumped on the chocolate as soon as possible. Thank you, Amber!!!! And I couldn't pull the wool over here eyes either. She knew that Wartbobble and I have identity issues from time to time LOL