Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My Kit!

Sorry to have taken so long in posting this! I got an absolutely amazing kit from Amber Phoenixfyre.

A kitty cloth, yarn, needles for the handles of the Knitting Needle Bag pattern (also included), cloth to line the bag, a tea pot (sadly, with a broken handle), and a tea cozy, glass calligraphy pen, burgandy ink, stitch markers, homemade chocolate frogs, bug bite chocolate, and a slytherin sock.

Love, love, love!! The kiddos jumped on the chocolate as soon as possible. Thank you, Amber!!!! And I couldn't pull the wool over here eyes either. She knew that Wartbobble and I have identity issues from time to time LOL

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Clara Clovenhoof said...

That is an amazing Dumbridge kit!!! Oodles of pinks ^_^ The poor teapot took the brunt of a wayward spell. The caligraphy pen is lovely. What a wonderful kit!!!