Sunday, June 8, 2008

My Patronus

I heard that Professor Lufkin is requiring that everyone needs to post their Patronus, so here is mine:

What Is Your Patronus Charm?
You scored as a Owl Patronus
Although it took a bit of work, you managed to produce a wise Owl Patronus! Exceptionally intelligent and unbelievably clever, you are by far a genuine person with a mind filled with brilliance and the potential for great things. You generally keep to yourself, but you have a lot going on inside of your head. Any way, you are a wonderful and useful friend. Now go kick some dementor butt!
Rabbit Patronus

Swan Patronus

Owl Patronus

Dog Patronus

Fox Patronus

Horse Patronus

Butterfly Patronus

Cat Patronus


I wasn't entirely happy with that quiz so I took another:

The TOAD, most may see this as a humiliating patronus. I mean how are you supposed to strike fear into the hearts of evil with a toad... come on. But this patronus is far from a joke; its wisdom surpasses all, giving it a tactical advantage. And by using its massive and adhesive tongue it can spit it out at the enemy and suck it in, making your nemesis’s come to you. Then subsequently swallows them... thus absorbing there power and saving the day. Not a wise patronus to mess with! 27 % from 46252 test takers had this profile!

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